Investigating our backyard

Since the weather has been warming up we have been enjoying the extra outdoor space in our own backyard.  During our walks we have discovered some interesting findings. Our first discovery is hundreds of field mice.  During the daytime you see them running about between little holes.  During the evenings you see hundreds of holes.Continue reading “Investigating our backyard”

Winter, spring, winter

With the weather swinging from warm to cold the chickens and kids have enjoyed seeing some grass outside. The kids enjoying the wet backyard. Ringo and Martha have become quite a couple and I have experienced true life on the farm- chickens mating. Martha is a welsummer and is probably the smartest chicken we have. Continue reading “Winter, spring, winter”

Upgrades in the Hen House

Since we have moved out to Corcoran, we enjoy hanging around the house more and tinker about.  This is a pretty significant change in our approach to weekends vs. when we lived in the condo- our tradition in the condo was to pack our weekend full of activities so we were at home as littleContinue reading “Upgrades in the Hen House”

Supper Club- United Noodle (Minneapolis)

I recently took a trip to St Louis for a conference and I was surprised at how eager I was to look at reviews online for local restaurants and try different foods. I decided when I came back home that I should take the same approach in my local area. I talked with a coworkerContinue reading “Supper Club- United Noodle (Minneapolis)”