I would have to admit that many who have known me all my life would be a little surpised the path I have taken.  I grew up in the suburbs and have worked in the urban city all my life.  Even in college I was in a fairly big city.  However, somewhere down the path I met my husband who was a country boy at heart.  I don’t know if it was the many  trips up to the in-laws family farm but the call of a different approach to life began to plant a seed.  Early in our marriage, I began to talk about wanting to raise chickens.  Not for meat, of course, but began dreaming of unique hen names and creative chicken coops.  I even received chicken raising books long before the reality of the possiblity of a farm was in existence.  Through the years, the dream never left and we began to plan what it would take to have that “dream farm”.  We temporarily moved into a apartment in the city and began to do the research.  By this time in my life, the dream of a farm was way beyond just raising chickens.  I began to research the closest cities to Minneapolis/ St. Paul that would allow chickens and goats.

This journey led us to a small community in Corcoran.  We were somewhat suprised to find so many others like us at different times of their journey.  These people all around us became inspirations and a great depth of knowledge.  I wanted to capture our journey and remind myself of the great blessings we have received.  I hope you enjoy our stories and feel a little more inspired for what is beyond the current reality.

Contact information:

Oliver- the farm watch dog.

Jemima- our farm mallard duck that thinks it is a chicken.

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