Unique “Virtual” Competitions for 2020

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we patiently waited to hear how livestock competition would occur this year. We soon discovered that all in person events were cancelled along with the county and state fair. 4-H did, however, hold a virtual competition for kids. The amount of kids competing was significantly lower than a normal year but we experienced how to video everything and then sit in a virtual zoom call with the judge to hear their report.

For the state level they did a live video and multiple videos allowing the judge to compare and comment as he was watching the videos.

To view the state showcase use the following link: https://www.cyberstockshow.tv/previous-shows

State Virtual Showcase Results:



Learnings we had from this experience is sometimes it is easier to do it in person than through photos and video. Overall, it was a good experience and looking forward to being able to compete in person soon.

The unchosen ones


As I was traveling through the Minneapolis Airport, my eyes caught a display with a giant purple ribbon and images of livestock on the wall. As I neared the images, I was intrigued by a artist’s presentation called “The Unchosen Ones”. This was a project circling around county and the state fair and the student voices of NOT being selected for grand champion. It also highlights the journey of the relationship between competitors and their animals.

It was an interesting piece of work in an unexpected space as a participant in the county and state fair livestock world.

This year with everyone canceling in person fairs, Sadie experiences a virtual livestock showcase and was excited to take first and second and a virtual trip to the state level. we are not sure what it will like like at the state level but we are excited to be a apart of the journey. We also had a surprise that Wright County showcased Sadie in their brochure.

Spring Babies amidst the Pandemic

Noting keeps you humble than welcoming the arrival of new babies on the farm. We welcomed 5 new lambs (3 boys and 2 girls). We were waiting for weeks for Snowflake to deliver and learned about ewes having a prolapse. All turned out well and she was able to deliver on her own. However while we were watching her Lola and Roady deliver their bunch. I was so caught off guard I thought I had mixed up lambs with moms until they let me know I was wrong when I started taking the babies away.

We also welcomed a pair of doelings that are some of the most playful babies we have seen on the farm. Rosie delivered early in the midst of a April snow storm. Unfortunately, one of the girls delivered and managed to get under the fence in the barn and was by the main door. When I arrived I rushed the babies into the house to warm up. They ended up great but as a result, the second baby did not attach to Rosie and vice versa. She acts like a bottle baby. We plan on selling one of them and know she will be a great 4 H project.

Finally, we said goodbye to one of Vanilla Bean’s babies. He was a wonderful pet and am excited for his new adventure.

A filled spring

It has been a filled spring that was full of some new experiences for me. I was blessed to get a official goat trailer and I took it out on the road and participated in two sanctioned ADGA goat shows. It was a great learning experience and received some good feedback on the herd.

Here are some additional fun pictures from around the farm. We sure are enjoying the summer.

Spring Break Surprise and Fun with the Babies

This year we headed to Arizona to enjoy some warmer temperatures and some sun. I am blessed to have my neighbor watch over the farm while we are gone. On Saturday morning I received an encrypted text with an image of a lamb. I received confirmation that Snowflake our sheep had her lamb all by herself during the night. We excitedly welcomed a new baby.

She has been one of the easiest babies on the farm and Snowflake has been a very attentive and protract I’ve mother. Rody is due before the end of the month is out.

Baby Time

We also welcomed 5 new baby piggies. They are enjoying the space and sun on the farm.