We have available farm fresh pork.  We have raised several different breeds including Berkshire,  Old Spot x Duroc cross.  I will tell you personally that the fresh pork taste is amazing and encourage everyone to try it.

We sell live pigs in half or whole and will deliver it to Taylor Meats in Watertown, MN.  Buyers will work directly with the butcher to request specifics around the processing.  Generally, processing costs around $150-$250.  If you are interested in placing an order, please let me know. Due to the high demand, orders are confirmed when deposits are made.

Deposit: we require a $150 / whole deposit or $100/ half  hog.

Payment: $240 half hog/ $400 whole hog at time of delivery for processing

Schedule:  generally we butcher in the fall each year.  We recommend communicating interest in winter or early fall and make reservation by spring.

Additional information if you are interested in making a pork order:

Pork Order Form Directions

Pork Cut List

Q & A:

  • Why buy meat this way?
    • Purchasing your meat as a 1/2 or whole hog allows you to custom order your meat cuts along with having supply of meat for the year.  You also are able to tie your meat back to the original farm and have first hand knowledge around how animals are raised and cared for throughout the process.
  • Can I see my live pig?
    • If you would like to see the pig and the farm, we are happy to set up a time to have a visit.  Please email any requests to chickwithawhistle@gmail.com
  • What is “Hanging Weight”?
    • Hanging weight is the weight of an animal after processing.  This includes bones, but does not include organs.  It generally is approximately 70% of total weight.  for example if live weight is 250-350.  Hanging weight is 175- 245 lbs.
  • I don’t know how to fill out the cut list?  Can I get help?
    • Completing a cut list can initially feel intimating if it is your first time.  We are available throughout the process to work with you and give suggestions or communicate your plan in collaboration with the butcher.  We generally do not complete this part of the process until closer to fall.

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