We have available farm fresh pork.  We have raised several different breeds including Berkshire, New Hampshire x Duroc cross and currently a Berkshire/Duroc cross.  I will tell you personally that the fresh pork taste is amazing and encourage everyone to try it.

One of our priorities is to raise our pigs in an environment that is full of natural plants and space. The pigs free-range and even have their own pond to cool down from the warm summer months.

We sell live pigs in half or whole and will deliver it to Taylor Meats in Watertown, MN.  Buyers will work directly with the butcher to request specifics around the processing.  Generally, processing costs around $125-$200.  If you are interested in placing an order, please let me know. Due to the high demand, orders are confirmed when deposits are made.

Deposit: we require a $100 deposit for a half or a whole hog.

Payment: $175 half hog/ $325 whole hog at time of delivery for processing

Schedule:  generally we have 2 rounds of hogs each year.

  • Butchering estimate current batch: Fall 2020
  • Currently taking limited orders for next batch.

Additional information if you are interested in making a pork order:

Pork Order Form Directions

Pork Cut List