Chick with a Whistle Farms


Welcome to Chick with a Whistle Farms.   We are a family hobby farm situated on 3 1/2 acres just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  For livestock, we raise laying hens, berkshire pigs, and nigerian dwarf goats along some other side projects.  We also enjoy a family garden during the warmer months.  Our hobby farm is our opportunity to return to simpler times and utilize the resources available to us.

As with any project, it begins with one idea and one idea morphs into another and pretty soon you are going down a journey you could have never originally planned.  This journey began with a desire for me to teach my kids where food comes from and the understanding of responsibility that comes with raising your own food.   For the first time, my kids began to understand that there were more than one method to raising chickens and they began to form a personal stance. . . thus we have some of the most spoiled animals.

If you want to keep up with what is going on please check out the blog tab above.  If you are interested in purchasing some eggs, pork, or nigerian dwarf goats please use the appropriate labeled tab.

Happy Farming!

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