“Bob”- White Silkie Bantam

Bob is from my very first batch of chickens.  Bob is a pretty low key rooster who tends to be pretty centered around only Lahaina.  Bob was named by my son based on his imaginary friend while growing up.  Ironically, Bob is also my father’s name so it is always quite humorous to tell stories about Bob.  Bob is an ideal pet who enjoys staying close to people and seems to enjoy receiving all the attention my children give him.  Bob and Ringo get along with no issues.


“El Presidente Ringo”- Brown Leghorn

Ringo is my main rooster and he let’s everyone know.  He takes charge of all the girls.  Ringo was named after Dustin’s rooster growing up and the El Presidente carries the theme of naming the flock after presidential first ladies.  Ringo is a tame rooster as long as you let him know who’s boss.  He is pretty athletic and lean.



“Loki”- Bantam Rooster


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