“The Ladies”- Hens

Here is our roll call of happy hens that provide the wonderful farm fresh eggs.  The girls all get along and enjoy their established pecking order.  When I introduce new hens into the flock I will raise them as chicks in small groups and when they are big enough introduce them to the larger flock.  The girls also have plenty of room, water and feeders in the barn to give each other space without any major conflicts.  It always humors me that Lahaina was my very first hen so she is the boss, even though she is a very small bantam.  All the other girls know to let her have her way- size doesn’t always matter.

“The Ladies”

“Lahaina”- Black Silkie Bantam

Lahaina is from my first flock of chickens.  She was the only hen out of the 4.  Each family member got to have a chicken and name them.  I named her after the Hawaii’s city of Lahaina on the island of Maui.  Lahaina is a very tame, not very bright, hen that stays close to Bob.  The fastest you will see Lahaina run is when Ringo comes by.  Lahaina is poor at flying and enjoys life at her own pace.


“Martha”- Welsummer Hen

Martha is named after the first lady Martha Washington & Martha Jefferson.  We received Martha as an older hen.  She is a very reliable layer producing approximately 5 eggs a week.  She lays medium brown eggs.  Martha is very adventurous and usually is the leader of the pack when we open the barn doors in the morning.  She enjoys foraging in the yard, completely opposite to Lahaina.  Martha is Ringo’s number one girl but is not bossy about it towards the other hens.  She has been a great addition to the flock.


Jackie & Marilyn- Black Australorp Hens

Jackie and Marilyn are named after President Kennedy’s ladies.  Marilyn is the larger one.  Around the farm the girls have the nickname “Thunder Thighs” and “Crazy Lady” due to the size and when Jackie goes broody she goes a little crazy.  Normally they are pretty tame hens laying XL eggs.  The only issues is they like to put the red stars in line if they get too close.


“Lady Bird”- Hybrid Bantam

Lady Bird was named after Lady Bird Johnson.  She is one of the favorites around the farm.  She is the most tame bird I have seen coming to you when you go near her almost like she enjoys the attention.  She is also the perfect size to carry under your arm.  From when she was a chick to now, she likes to hid under the larger hen’s wings.  Recently, what has made her so popular is the peewee size of her eggs.  She lays approximately every other day in the same box as Martha.


“Cucumber”- California White Hen

Another odd name for a chicken, you may think but this chicken was a gift from the breeder to my son.  So, we gave him the option of naming the chicken which ended up being Cucumber.  She is my only current white egg layer.  She seems smarter than most of the rest of the hens and doesn’t mind being  a little independent.

“Cucumber”- California White

“Flora”, “Fauna” & “Merrywether”- Red Stars

These three are probably the most loved/ hated chickens in the barn.  The three of them are named after the fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.  These three are like a gang that like to be a little mischievous and tend to pick on some of the smaller ones, like Lady Bird. Many select Red Stars for their lean bodies but their large production.  In addition, hens and roosters are different colors at birth to make sexing easier.

“Flora”, “Fauna” & Merrywether”- Red Stars


All of them have been sexed except two but we will wait to see.  I originally purchased 2 barred rocks, 2 cuckoo marans, 2 black marans, and 1 americauna.  I lost 1 barred rock and the 2 black marans turned into silver laced wyandottes.  The silver laced wyandottes are named Snow White and Black Beauty.  The barred rocked is named Roxy.  The 2 marans are named Salt and Pepper.  Still working on the ameraucana.


Roxy is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  I will try to get a more updated picture of her.

20160403_143150“Black Beauty”



Pepper was originally named in combination with Salt, the two Barred Rocks.  However, after a trip to the emergency vet and weeks of salt bathing, Salt didn’t make it and passed away on Christmas Eve.


Pancake is one of my only bantams that survived that batch.  She is an ameraucana and loves to roost up in the rafters of the barn.  She is pretty adventurous and heads out early in the morning to scout out bugs.


“Indigo”, “Hazel ” & “Fancy”

These are the most recent hens that have been laying small blue eggs.  All three are Ameraucanas but each of the girls are very different.  Indigo has a beautiful lavender tail. Hazel is a very pretty brown and Fancy has a very fancy tail.  In the beginning I was prepared that Fancy would end up being a boy with such a tail.

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