Phase 2: goats

We headed to a goat breeder and have made a deposit on 3 nigerian dwarf goats.  We ordered 2 does and 1 wether.  Here is a picture of the mother and father for our first choice does.  We have a couple others as backups.  The expected due date is 3/7/16.

Chloe (mother)

Chloe’s Pedigree:

Chloe’s 5 Generation Pedigree

Grand Sire – AGS Sugar Creeks NR Nellies Shawn

Sire – AGS Tamarack’s

Grand Dam – AGS Gay Mor’s NB Narcissus

Grand Sire – CH AGS Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets VEE 89

Dam – Heidi’s Mini Acres Harriet

Grand Dam – Heidi’s Mini Acres Stella V+VV 86


Casper (father)

Phan Boy’s Pedigree:

Phan Boy’s 5 Generation Pedigree

GGrand Sire – Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy EEE 92

Grand Sire – Camanna GD Moonlight Sentinel

GGrand Dam –CH Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata EEEE 91

Sire – Damascus Road SE Prosperos

GGrand Sire – TX Twincreeks MS Poseidon

Grand Dam – TX Twincreeks P Poise N Ivy

GGrand Dam – TX Twincreeks R Wine And Roses

GGrand Sire -AGS Ponders End Double Dare

Grand Sire – Ponders End DD Matinee Idol

GGrand Dam -AGS Ponders End Maximum Praise

Dam – CH The Schifsky’s TLC Farm Faith EEEE 91

GGrand Sire – AGS Green Gate X-Dream Obsession

Grand Dam – AGS Happy Tailz Phunny Phace

GGrand Dam – AGS Happy Tailz Glittering Sunset


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