Investigating our backyard

Since the weather has been warming up we have been enjoying the extra outdoor space in our own backyard.  During our walks we have discovered some interesting findings.

Our first discovery is hundreds of field mice.  During the daytime you see them running about between little holes.  During the evenings you see hundreds of holes.


The neighbor cat must have quite a buffet.  Another discovery we found is an animal den.



We put some brush in front of the opening and the hole was re-dug tonight.  We also found some footprints outside the whole.  If we were to guess we are predicting a weasel.

We were also suprised the amount of scat we are finding throughout the field and close to the barn.  We are assuming it is deer.


The last little discovery are some remains and feathers.  We are guessing pheasant but not positive.  Not a good sign for my free range chickens.



Amidst all these animal signs are the kids footprints on the backyard- the beginnings of a backyard fort.


Published by chickwithawhistle

I am a school administrator by day and a new hobby farmer by night. My family consists of my husband, a farmer boy at heart, and myself, a city girl learning the ropes, along with our two children. We are excited to embark on this new adventure.

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