Hay Auction and Egg Update

Today was going to be a pretty busy day since both of the kids had birthday parties to head to early afternoon.  As we were enjoying the morning, the doorbell rang and it was one of our neighbors down the street.  He introduced himself and informed us that there was a hay auction that he thought we should check out.  He had heard from our next door neighbor we were looking for some hay.  The auction was in Rockford so we rushed out to join the fun.  Our neighbor was there to purchase some hay for his flock of sheep.  The hay was divided into lots of different kinds and quality.  We were excited to score a lot of 50 bales at $2/ piece.

One of the entertaining thoughts I had while we were out there is that I felt a little piece of being a newcomer but we had a big diesel truck so the locals kind of had a look on there face that we must be alright.  Everyone had diesel trucks with large flatbed trailers.  The funny thought was when Dustin drives the kids to school and how out of place his truck looks in the middle of the city.

We headed home and finally added some hay to the hay loft.

Egg Update

By request, we created our first video detailing how we weigh the eggs and identifying who is laying at this time.  Hope you enjoy it!


Here are some photo updates of the scale we use to weigh the eggs.  The top picture is from Lahaina- we are almost positive.  The middle image is from Lady Bird and the bottom picture is from the Black Australorp Hen.

The image on the right is the new discovering we found today when I opened up the side barn doors.  Two of my new laying hens apparently have found a different location to lay instead of a laying box.  So, early this morning I was cleaning out that corner to detract from laying there again.  What I discovered is they found a different spot tonight.  This is motivating me to clean all extra supplies and materials out of the barn.


Here is another shot of comparing the sizes of the eggs.  Jumbo to Peewee.

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I am a school administrator by day and a new hobby farmer by night. My family consists of my husband, a farmer boy at heart, and myself, a city girl learning the ropes, along with our two children. We are excited to embark on this new adventure.

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