Intruder Alert and other farm funs.

  A Family of Intruders So I have been finding some leftovers of an animal that I did not recognize.  Each time all my animals were all looking great but I was seeing poop that was about the size of a dog. . . and we don’t have a dog.  As I would check theContinue reading “Intruder Alert and other farm funs.”

Egg hunt fun… or not so much fun.

So lately my next batch of chicks are now at laying age and they’ve been doing pretty good with giving me eggs everyday or every other day. What I started noticing though is that my leghorns were laying everyday but I wasn’t always finding their eggs. I have three leghorns and first I started gettingContinue reading “Egg hunt fun… or not so much fun.”

Pig Reflections & New Animal Adventures

We are coming to the end of our first pig adventure and we learned a tremendous amount and at the end of the day we are gearing up to do it again.  I am going to have Dustin do the honors of explaining the butchering day since I was on a business trip.  I willContinue reading “Pig Reflections & New Animal Adventures”

Jack Frost has arrived

We have been blessed with a mild winter this December, however that luck ran out this week.  Low temperatures and high winds have been dropping our temperatures.  The worst is the wind.  The chickens have been doing well in the barn but have no interest for snow or going outside.  I have still been gettingContinue reading “Jack Frost has arrived”

Chicken Hospital Run

As we have continued down this farm journey we have occasionally been concerned about a chicken that we have to make the dreaded decision to put the chicken down or head to the chicken hospital.  I think it reminds we that these hens are not just for egg production but also family pets.  Salt hasContinue reading “Chicken Hospital Run”

October Farm Fun

  Broody Lahaina One of the first things you learn if you own Silkies is when they say that they are a good mothers, they are very serious.  Lahaina takes it very serious her broodiness and we were able to catch it on video tonight.  Enjoy! My youngest chicks are approximately 15 weeks now andContinue reading “October Farm Fun”