Intruder Alert and other farm funs.


A Family of Intruders


So I have been finding some leftovers of an animal that I did not recognize.  Each time all my animals were all looking great but I was seeing poop that was about the size of a dog. . . and we don’t have a dog.  As I would check the barn, I noticed a beaten path near the bottom of the door.  We decided to put out the live trap and discovered we had a possum.  However, I kept finding leftovers in the barn so we kept putting out the trap.  As a result, we had to dispose of 4 possums in the last week and a half.

Initially, I was considering leaving them alone since they weren’t bothering the animals but after further research we realized that they are extremely dangerous to horses.  We also discovered that a neighbor lost a do due to a possum too.  So, unfortunately we… I mean Dustin needed to dispose of the possums.

Chicken Fun

From my last batch of chicks, one little rooster was discovered in the pack.  Over time the rooster has been hanging out with his own set of girls and has been keeping out of the way from Bob (the other rooster).  This week he began to crow and it has been pretty funny listening to him find his voice.  As long as he doesn’t cause any issues in the barn, this rooster will officially be named- Big Blue.

One other little discovery was the chickens have found Oliver’s heated bed and have been laying eggs.  I caught Oliver sleeping and keeping the eggs warm for me.

Pig Fun


The pigs have gotten big fast and they now start talking and run to their window as soon as they hear me calling.  It is pretty funny listening and seeing them.  It is like a litter of puppies.

Goat Fun

I am super excited with my updated news on the goats.  I have been practicing my skills of recognizing when the goats are in heat and with some help from my neighbor landed right on the target with Vanilla Bean.  This weekend, Vanilla Bean met her boyfriend, William, the buck and had some fun.  At first she was pretty nervous and wasn’t too sure but once she figured it out she kept wanting more.  three times more before we left.  What was humorous was I also tried to breed Aspen, with no luck, but Vanilla Bean was interested in any buck if he was interested.

Sadie came with me and it was pretty funny also watching the two mate.  The buck begins to wag his tongue and then playfully lick and nibble Vanilla Bean.  We have fun imitating the buck.  I am hoping for some kids in late April/ early May.

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I am a school administrator by day and a new hobby farmer by night. My family consists of my husband, a farmer boy at heart, and myself, a city girl learning the ropes, along with our two children. We are excited to embark on this new adventure.

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