Egg hunt fun… or not so much fun.

So lately my next batch of chicks are now at laying age and they’ve been doing pretty good with giving me eggs everyday or every other day. What I started noticing though is that my leghorns were laying everyday but I wasn’t always finding their eggs. I have three leghorns and first I started gettingContinue reading “Egg hunt fun… or not so much fun.”

1 Week Chicks & a BIG new toy

  The quail are now 1 week old and I have taken them home from school.  It was pretty special to see how many kids and staff wanted to talk about the new baby chicks over the week.  We ended up with having 16 hatch out of 36.  I have 8 Texas A & MContinue reading “1 Week Chicks & a BIG new toy”

Butchered Pigs… Now what?

It took approximately a little over a week to pick up the pork from the butcher.  Any reservations we may of had through the process quickly disappeared when we inventoried the meat.  In the end, our pig live weight was 265 lbs. and hanging weight totaled 185 lbs.  The 185 resulted in the following: 18Continue reading “Butchered Pigs… Now what?”

Pig Reflections & New Animal Adventures

We are coming to the end of our first pig adventure and we learned a tremendous amount and at the end of the day we are gearing up to do it again.  I am going to have Dustin do the honors of explaining the butchering day since I was on a business trip.  I willContinue reading “Pig Reflections & New Animal Adventures”