Halloween “Farm” Style

One of the important criteria we discussed as a family in settling on this house was the true mix between country and suburban life.  We have our acres for the animals and gardens but we also have neighbors.  And I will admit these are not just normal neighbors.  There are approximately 10-12 houses in our mini neighborhood and there is only 1 other family with kids.  Even though there are only 2 houses with kid (that is including us) all the families stay home and make elaborate halloween goodies especially for the kids.  They know the kids by name and make sure the kids end up with bucketfuls of full size candy and toys.  One of the neighbors is even selling his house and is not even living in his house and had his lights on with a bucket of candy for the kids.  It really is a true celebration of community.

This year we treated everyone with not only the kids getting dressed up but also the goats.  The kids decided on their costumes based upon what the goats were wearing.  Sadie settled on a police officer while vanilla bean was a unicorn/ police sidekick.  Eli was a viking imitating Aspen and Charlie was solo as a lumberjack.


Leading up to halloween we were able to capture some good old farm fun with the animals.  Since it has turned cold, we have discovered that Oliver, our adopted cat, has begun to start sleep in the hay loft.  What has been so entertaining is how he gets himself up and down.  With the weekend, we capture it on video.

Oliver in the hay loft

While Oliver has been hanging out in the hay loft, the pigs have enjoyed their little homemade shelter and fresh hay.  Hard to capture with a picture so here is a video to enjoy.

Pigs taking a nap

The pigs also got a present of a new water container.  Since we didn’t quite know if we were committed to this pig raising we didn’t want to make a huge investment so we would carry buckets of water out to the pigs.  We would need to water them twice a day and every time we would check on them the buckets were empty.  I am guessing they were dumping it shortly after we would leave.  I had finally had it so headed to Fleet Farm and purchased a new water trough with a pig section.  I am pretty impressed and super excited I don’t have to walk the water across the field.

While the kids and I finally had a weekend to enjoy staying close to home.  Dustin had a guys weekend away and really enjoyed pheasant hunting in South Dakota.




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I am a school administrator by day and a new hobby farmer by night. My family consists of my husband, a farmer boy at heart, and myself, a city girl learning the ropes, along with our two children. We are excited to embark on this new adventure.

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