Weekend Away & Getting the Pigs Settled In.

Minnesota North Shore

One of my true loves is time up on the Lake Superior North Shore.  There is little that compares to the scenery and uniqueness of the region.  Every resort and hotel could be booked up and you could still feel like you have the trails to yourself.  I have tried going to other places but I continue to return to the North Shore.  I start to notice myself going through withdrawals if I don’t get back up a few times a year.  For MEA weekend, we took a long weekend away from the farm and enjoyed the tail end of a Minnesota Fall.


Sadie’s Training

Once we returned from our long weekend, we have been enjoying getting the animals ready for winter and Sadie, in particular, has begun her training with the pigs.  Unintentionally or intentionally, she enjoys to train the animals to come to her when she feeds them.  The pigs are pretty smart and now come when you call them looking for what treat you are going to bring them.  Our neighbor also does the same thing.  He has several apple trees and calls the pigs over and dumps over a pile of apples for them to enjoy.  This last weekend I let the pigs run through the back field and they were pretty excited.  We are going to give them a few more weeks in the garden and eventually move them out to a back pasture with lots of space to run and dig up the ground.

As you can see in the picture, Sadie has trained all the animals so the goats, chickens and pigs all give her attention.


Silly Charlie

As we were out in the back field cleaning up some of the fencing, I caught Charlie doing a true goat behavior and chuckled to myself.  He wanted the tall weeds to eat and used the old gate to get to it.


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I am a school administrator by day and a new hobby farmer by night. My family consists of my husband, a farmer boy at heart, and myself, a city girl learning the ropes, along with our two children. We are excited to embark on this new adventure.

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