Upgrades in the Hen House

Since we have moved out to Corcoran, we enjoy hanging around the house more and tinker about.  This is a pretty significant change in our approach to weekends vs. when we lived in the condo- our tradition in the condo was to pack our weekend full of activities so we were at home as littleContinue reading “Upgrades in the Hen House”

Supper Club- United Noodle (Minneapolis)

I recently took a trip to St Louis for a conference and I was surprised at how eager I was to look at reviews online for local restaurants and try different foods. I decided when I came back home that I should take the same approach in my local area. I talked with a coworkerContinue reading “Supper Club- United Noodle (Minneapolis)”

Chickens are getting twitterpated

It has been quite a soap opera in the barn over the past couple of days.  Lately, Rushmore has appeared to be getting a little more aggressive towards the other Silky chickens.  Rushmore has bee biting the backs.  I decided to separate Rushmore from the group while I figured this out.  Boy, was Rushmore quiteContinue reading “Chickens are getting twitterpated”