Two New Additions

We had two new additions to close out the weekend: a few more chicks- you just can’t ever have too many chicks a vegetable garden Now, I have come to a good place around how many chickens is too many chickens.  According to my husband that special number is 25, which I will agree isContinue reading “Two New Additions”

Hay Auction and Egg Update

Today was going to be a pretty busy day since both of the kids had birthday parties to head to early afternoon.  As we were enjoying the morning, the doorbell rang and it was one of our neighbors down the street.  He introduced himself and informed us that there was a hay auction that heContinue reading “Hay Auction and Egg Update”

Chloe’s Triplets

Originally posted on Cabochon Farm:
Chloe delivered an adorable set of triplets (two doelings and a buckling) around 2:00 in the afternoon on March 8th. The kids all got daddy’s color, Chamiose, but they are all look very different. It took several tries to get good photos of these little cuties, but I think it was worth the…

Supper Club- Nye’s Polonaise Room- Minneapolis

Nye’s Polonaise Room 112 E Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55414 For our monthly supper club visit for March, we headed to Nye’s before they closed in April.  The ambience transports it’s guest to a previous time where you enjoy the art of socializing and dining.  I had wonderful socializing for the evening but theContinue reading “Supper Club- Nye’s Polonaise Room- Minneapolis”