October Farm Fun

  Broody Lahaina One of the first things you learn if you own Silkies is when they say that they are a good mothers, they are very serious.  Lahaina takes it very serious her broodiness and we were able to catch it on video tonight.  Enjoy! My youngest chicks are approximately 15 weeks now andContinue reading “October Farm Fun”

Mackinac Island, MI Fall Road Trip

The family took advantage of a couple days off and headed to Mackinac Island.  The kids and I had headed there in July but wanted to see how the fall colors were.  Heading from MN we enjoyed all the barn quilts that we could see throughout east Wisconsin.  We enjoyed taking the ferry from MackinawContinue reading “Mackinac Island, MI Fall Road Trip”

A Really Long Farm Update Before Fall.

The weather has dramatically begun to turn into fall over the past couple of days and with the busy work schedule, I realized I have not posted for awhile.  This is a quick review of farm activities over the past couple of weeks leading up to our last few days of warm weather. COOKBOOK: MyContinue reading “A Really Long Farm Update Before Fall.”

“Some Pigs”

Dustin and I have recently started having conversations as we walk through the shopping center aisles about the cost of meat lately.  I have also realized that I have been purchasing less and less due to trying to save some money.  We have also been having some conversations with the kids around the care ofContinue reading ““Some Pigs””

Farm Routines & Updates

As you settle into a new house it takes some time to really decide how to make it your own.  We have gradually been adding little personal touches throughout the place. In the backyard before the fenced in pasture, there were two raised flower beds.  Since Dustin had added a mega garden we didn’t reallyContinue reading “Farm Routines & Updates”

Baby Blue, state fair results, Ringo and other randomness.

We have been eagerly waiting to see what our ameraucana hen was going to lay and Eli had a hunch she had laid this week.  He saw her up on a hay shelf and decided to investigate.  He was right and we had a beautiful xs blue egg. So far she is laying every otherContinue reading “Baby Blue, state fair results, Ringo and other randomness.”