A Really Long Farm Update Before Fall.

The weather has dramatically begun to turn into fall over the past couple of days and with the busy work schedule, I realized I have not posted for awhile. ¬†This is a quick review of farm activities over the past couple of weeks leading up to our last few days of warm weather. COOKBOOK: MyContinue reading “A Really Long Farm Update Before Fall.”

Walking goats & state fair countdown.

Dustin continually let’s me know that over the past couple of months we have created spoiled goats, which I wouldn’t disagree with.  The goats are pretty quiet until around 6 pm.  They know that is when we head home from school and work and they expect to get some attention.  They usually stand at theContinue reading “Walking goats & state fair countdown.”

Garden update and hot chickens.

We have definitely had our share of hot muggy August summer days lately and the poor chickens have been trying to find some relief.  In case you have ever wondered what a hot chicken looks like, here is one of my hens demonstrating the necessary pose. I also have a Loki update:  He had beenContinue reading “Garden update and hot chickens.”

Barn Happiness

Things always seem to come back to perspective when you spend some time back in the barn.  We have lots of little highlights that have been happening lately.  Here are a few: [Uploading gallery‚Ķ] The baby chick’s are as big as the rest of the hens.  Ringo has plenty of action. Bob attacks Ringo ifContinue reading “Barn Happiness”